500 Sam Clemens Ave (old # 3 Fire Station)

The facilities are available to rent for gatherings and parties.


About Us…

The Mark Twain Community Center provides programs that meet the needs of the community, enhance the quality of life and pro-mote involvement amongst neighbors. Connecting families one "Storey" at a time!

The Mark Twain Community Center is a tax exempt entity to provide resources and facilities for the promotion of goodwill, educational opportunities and training for the Mark Twain residents for the ex-press purpose of neighborhood improvement and growth.

The Mark Twain Community Center is the home to a wide variety of community activities.   The Center hosts a branch of the Storey County Library and a complete computer lab with classes, as well as a kitchen and meeting rooms.  Throughout the year there are a number of community activities at the MTCC.

In addition, the Center hosts a number of private groups and 12 STEP programs, all part of the Mark Twain Community.


MTCC Community Board Members


Chairman  - Kevin Baugh knabaugh@charter.net


Vice Chair -  Carol Wooley carol@marktwaincc.org


Treasurer - Laura Kekule llkekule@gmail.com


Secretary - Adrianne Baugh abaugh@marktwaincc.org  775-297-2392



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